“With Sarafu, you will securely uncover key insights and unlock sales opportunities”

Through a full suite of services (ranging from procurement to last mile delivery) made available to retail shops, Sarafu is able to collect vast amounts of data at a granular level to gauge product performance across all regions.


Our data collection offers an unprecedented level of detail that can help Manufacturers and Retailers answer important questions such as: Who are my customers? Where are they located? Which parts in Dar es Salaam have strong sales compared to others? (that may be lagging behind) Is there a product demand for my goods and how have stockouts impacted weekly sales?

Reports Available on the Dashboard

All reports remains confidential to you as the Manufacturer or Supplier

Last Week Sales Performance

Watch your sales trend week after week from this report

Weekly Sales Variation

Identify sales variation by SKU (last 3 weeks)

Geographic Sales Distribution

View total sales by SKU geographically

Lost Sales - Stockouts

Sales Missed – out of stock (Value & Volume)

Customer Segmentation

Segment your Customer Base (Frequency & Sales Value)

Uniqueness of Sarafu

Data-Driven Decisions

Sarafu is the ONLY platform in Tanzania which can provide you with exclusive insight into your customer base and sales, thus allowing you to make informed decisions. All information is specific to you and COMPLETELY FREE.

Highly Secure & Confidential

All information which is gathered is specific to a Manufacturer or Supplier. We will provide you with unique access to see YOUR DATA ONLY.

100% Accuracy of Information

Since we accept ONLY digital payments, we provide you with real data and customer information, unlike other platforms that accept cash sales through agents.

Customer History & Buying Habits

A comprehensive snapshot of customer history and buying habits is provided – this will enable you to identify regular buyers against those who have churned away in order to take advantage of better sales promotions.


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